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BARC Newsletter - Winter 2006

BARC Newsletter - Summer 2007

BARC Newsletter - Winter 2008

Bioaccessibility Workshop Proceedings, August 2005

BARC Strategic Workshop Proceedings, October 2007

BARC Round Robin Workshop Proceedings, September 2008

BARC Web/Conference Call Meeting Notes, March 2009

Bioaccessibility/Bioavailability in Contaminated Site Assessment - An Industry Perspective, December 2006 Workshop Proceedings

Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment, March 2005


Ingestion Bioavailability of Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium in Human Health Risk Assessments: Database, Critical Review, and Recommendations

BARC Workshop Proceedings November 11 & 12 2009

BARC Webinar Proceedings October 2010

BARC Workshop Proceedings February 2011

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Background and Discussion Materials from BARC Workshop 2011

Considerations for Bioavailability Experiments

Variability of Bioaccessibility Results Using Seventeen Different Methods on a Standard Reference Material

Checklist of minimum criteria for in vitro bioaccessibility tests (June 2014)

Checklist of minimum criteria for in vivo bioavailability studies (June 2014)

Checklist of minimum criteria for in vivo-in vitro comparison (June 2104)

Site specific risk analysis framework, with footnotes (June 2104)